Now Available!  The Gambling Patient Placement Criteria – GPPC®
  $49.95 dddddPaper, 144 pages + CD-ROM – ISBN-13:  978-0-9796873-2-7, $49.95


A Guide to Placing Problem Gamblers at the Optimum Level of Care
Written by Denise F. Quirk, Colin Hodgen, Dianne Springborn, George E. Howell, & Lynne J Daus

          The authors have created a systematic logical approach to determining the optimal level of care needed for a gambling patient at each stage of treatment.  This is a practical and useful resource for all treatment providers addressing the needs of problem gambling patients.  The GPPC® provides a basis fro treatment planning and outcome data evaluation.  It permits accurate, reliable and consistent patient placement and is fully compatible with ASAM PPC-2R and the DSM-IV.
          Concise case studies and examples using the GPPC® toolkit are provided in this manual along with a CD-ROM that contains the forms, useful screening tools, and other charts for easy reference.
          This book is an invaluable resource for all those in the treatment field, as well as those training and supervising gambling counselor interns.


"Gambling Patient Placement Criteria is a tremendous contribution to the problem gambling treatment field.  GPPC® establishes a needed foundation for behavioral health professionals, human services agencies, the legal system and others involved in helping those affected by problem gambling to communicate more effectively about this disorder.  The structure, tools and concepts provided in this manual make it an excellent resource for anyone striving to provide services for problem gamblers and those affected by problem gambling."

-  Tim Christensen, President
Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators


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Welcome to the Gambling Patient Placement Criteria Initiative Website

The GPPC (pronounced “gypsy”) is a first-ever initiative to develop and implement a tool for effective and consistent treatment placement for pathological gamblers. The GPPC team received a grant from the State of Nevada in 2007 to create, publish, and implement this new tool.


We hope you will join us in this initiative to develop and implement these criteria. The GPPC will provide tested placement criteria tailored to the needs of pathological gamblers. Previous placement criteria have relied on attempting to adapt placement criteria for other disorders or on “seat of the pants” and “gut feeling” efforts. The GPPC provides clinically based criteria.


If you are a qualified professional and would like to help us by joining the GPPC Initiative, please contact us for a packet and instructions. We appreciate your desire to make this initiative a success.



The GPPC Team                                                                     

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